What Are Consumer Insights? The Ultimate Guide to How to Use Them

Consumer insights for international market

Consumer insights can be defined as the research about how consumers behave, think, or feel. The insights help us to identify what the consumers think about a particular product and what their viewpoints or attitudes towards a brand are. 

For instance, if your business is a food delivery service. A consumer insight might be that families with young children often place orders earlier in the evening, between 5 pm and 7 pm. Basically to seek convenient dinner solutions after busy weekday schedules. This demographic values quick delivery and kid-friendly menu options that cater to varying tastes and dietary preferences. In contrast, singles and couples tend to order later in the evening, around 7 pm to 9 pm. They view food delivery as a way to unwind after work or a hassle-free dining choice during leisure time. 

These insights can empower your food delivery service to tailor menu offerings, delivery times, and marketing strategies to better meet the diverse needs and preferences of your customer base.

This blog will show you how to gather, analyze, and use consumer insights effectively. Dive in to discover the ultimate approach to leveraging consumer insights for international markets.

How to Gather Consumer Insights

Consumer insights for international markets help understand customer behaviors and preferences. They are essential for businesses to stay competitive. To gather these insights, use methods like

  • Surveys and Questionnaires: Ask customers about their preferences and experiences. This method is straightforward and can provide valuable quantitative data.
  • Interviews: Talk directly to customers for detailed feedback. Interviews allow for in-depth understanding and can uncover insights that surveys might miss.
  • Social Media Monitoring: Observe what customers say about your brand online. This helps you gauge public sentiment and identify emerging trends.
  • Website Analytics: Track how customers interact with your site. Analytics tools can reveal which pages are most visited and where users drop off.
  • Sales Data Analysis: Analyze purchase patterns to understand customer needs. This helps in identifying which products are popular and why.

For businesses expanding globally, understanding these insights through the international market research process becomes even more critical.

Types of Customer Insights

Different types of customer insights can give varied perspectives

  1. Demographic Insights: 

Age, gender, income, etc. This helps in segmenting your audience based on shared characteristics.

  1. Behavioral Insights: 

Buying habits, brand interactions. Knowing how customers engage with your brand informs targeted marketing strategies.

  1. Psychographic Insights: 

Interests, values, lifestyle. Understanding what drives your customers’ decisions helps in creating more compelling messages.

  1. Geographic Insights: 

Location-based preferences. This is especially useful for businesses operating in multiple regions.

  1. Attitudinal Insights:

These insights reveal the values, beliefs, and perceptions that drive consumer actions, often using implicit methods to capture subconscious reactions.

  1. Motivational Insights:

This type focuses on understanding the needs, desires, and pain points behind consumer choices, helping position your products as solutions, and building emotional connections.

  1. Competitive Insights:

Analyzing competitors’ data and strategies provides valuable information on industry trends and consumer preferences, aiding in unique brand differentiation.

Combining these insights with a solid understanding of international market segmentation and positioning can significantly enhance your marketing efforts.

How to Use Consumer Insights

Using consumer insights for international markets effectively can transform your business. Here’s how

Personalize the Journey for Each Customer

Create tailored experiences for each customer based on their preferences. For instance, recommend products based on past purchases. Customization not only improves customer satisfaction but, also boosts sales.

Enhance the Overall Customer Experience

Improve customer touchpoints by understanding pain points and preferences. For example, streamline your website navigation based on user feedback to make it more user-friendly. A smoother and more enjoyable customer journey can be achieved by understanding customer pain points. 

Improve Your Products and Services

Use feedback to refine your offerings. If customers suggest a feature, consider adding it to your product. Your products are kept relevant and customer needs are consistently met through this iterative process.

To stay ahead of your competitors, conducting a competitive analysis in international markets can provide additional strategic insights.

Getting Started with Consumer Insights

To start, identify what you want to learn about your customers. Use tools like surveys and Google analytics to gather data. Regularly review and update your methods to stay current with trends. Keep an eye on market changes and customer behavior to refine your approach continuously.

Benefits of Gathering and Analyzing Customer Insights

Understanding consumer insights for international markets offers many benefits

  1. Increased Customer Satisfaction: Tailored experiences make customers happier and more likely to return.
  2. Better Marketing Strategies: Knowing your audience helps create effective and targeted campaigns.
  3. Improved Products: Customer feedback guides product development, ensuring your offerings meet market demands.
  4. Competitive Advantage: Insights help you stay ahead of competitors by anticipating and responding to market trends.


Consumer insights for international markets are vital for business success. They help personalize customer experiences, enhance products, and stay competitive. Start gathering insights today to unlock these benefits. Remember, understanding your market and customers is crucial for sustained growth, especially in international contexts.

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How to Use Customer Insights?

Use consumer insights for international markets to personalize customer journeys, improve products, and enhance customer experiences. They inform better marketing strategies by providing a deep understanding of customer needs and behaviors.

What Is the Best Way for Marketers to Gain Good Customer Insights?

Combine surveys, interviews, social media monitoring, and data analytics for comprehensive insights. Utilizing a mix of these methods ensures a well-rounded understanding of your customer base.

What Is the Role of Consumer Insights in Making Marketing More Effective?

Consumer insights for international markets help understand customer needs, leading to targeted and effective marketing campaigns. Insights allow for precise segmentation and positioning, ensuring your messages resonate with the right audience.

What Are Customer Insights and Explain the Benefits of Using Customer Insights?

Consumer insights for international markets are data on customer preferences and behaviors. Benefits include improved customer satisfaction, better marketing strategies, and competitive advantage. Leveraging these insights can drive product innovation and enhance customer loyalty.

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